Medical Specialties

Dr. Wright treats a broad variety of orthopedic conditions. He specializes in minimally invasive treatment of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, and he also treats knee and sports injuries.

  • Shoulder Image

    Shoulder Injuries

    The shoulder is the site of many common problems; athletes are particularly vulnerable. Should surgery be required, Dr. Wright uses a minimally invasive arthroscopic approach, more

  • Elbow Image

    Elbow Injuries

    Dr. Wright takes a conservative approach to the treatment of elbow injuries. Certain surgeries can be performed through minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques, using small more

  • Wrist Image

    Wrist Injuries

    The wrist is vulnerable to injuries that range from sprains, strains, and breaks to arthritis and tendinitis. Surgery, when necessary, can be performed through minimally more

  • Hand Image

    Hand Injuries

    Hand injuries sometimes requires surgery, but can often be treated through physical therapy. Dr. Wright works with a broad range of occupational and physical therapists, and more

  • Knee Image

    Knee Injuries

    Knee injuries are especially common among athletes, though many others suffer them, as well. Dr. Wright uses minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat knee injuries that more